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The Prada Effect: When we see Prada, Prada, Prada Everywhere
May 25, 2012
You are probably familiar with what is called the Butterfly Effect with its possibility where a small change at one place can result in large differences to a later state, or can be freely translated as “by flapping a butterfly’s wings we can trigger a chain of reactions that cause a hurricane halfway around the world”

18K Gold Plated Dolce and Gabbana Gold Edition 2012 Sunglasses
May 25, 2012
Paying tribute to the contemporary style in their latest female line of sunglasses, the Italian luxury brand of Dolce and Gabbana recently unveiled one of their best Spring Summer 2012 sunglasses collection, the D&G Gold Edition, featuring classic frames of aviator and butterfly styles, plated in 18K gold.

Celebrities Say: Wear Heart Sunglasses This Summer
Aug 12, 2011
This summer, all women must embrace their inner cuteness and child-like sweetness and go for items that are made up mostly either of bright, pastel colors or of mismatched pieces, stylists say.

Helpful Tips for Boys Eyeglasses
Aug 17, 2011
When you discover that your child needs glasses, it can be just as difficult for you the parent to get used to as it is for the child. You need to have a heart to heart discussion with your child so that they know how important it is to their eyes and to the family budget that they take care of their glasses. Children are constantly active, so special attention to the type of boy’s eyeglasses is very important.

Discover What The X Factor Judges Are Wearing
Jun 19, 2012
Everyone is talking about the X Factor at the moment. The competition is bigger and better than ever, despite the departure of Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole.

Kate Moss for Vogue Eyewear Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign
Mar 26, 2012
See Kate Moss posing for the new Vougue Eyewear spring/summer 2012 campaign. Make a long-term fashion investment with this suit-all and on-trend eyewear designs.

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